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Part of Julia Gfrörer's comic from Bird Hurdler


Olympus Trip 35 - 35mm film camera. (I now have about 6 of these!)




by Shunsuke Hatakeyama


Code orange


Thee parkside, San Francisco CA

Photo: Nate Zoeller


Bruce Timm ~ Storyboards for the Emmy Award Winning Opening Title Sequence of Batman: the Animated Series. Seriously, this title sequence won an Emmy.


Word on the Street

Obama is open to airstrikes on ISIS in Syria, wants to arm rebels


Our neoliberal corporate globalist warmonger president wants to give hundreds of millions of dollars to radical violent extreme men fighting their own endless religious wars off in a foreign country. How about we just stay the FUCK out of there man! Get us the fuck off the world stage now! We got folk here out of work, tired, sick, hungry, dispirited, we’ve got crumbling bridges, outdated-to-nonexistant infrastructure, we’ve got a lunatic police state that’s watching every word we type on the internet while killing black kids on the streets, we’ve got a mental health crisis, a prison crisis, an education crisis, an impending entitlement crisis, food and energy prices are out of control, we’ve got corporations that dodge taxes, massive banks that hold us all for ransom, drones that slaughter villages of civilians in Pakistan and we’re still indefinitely detaining and torturing people in a prison down in Cuba.

What the fuck our are priorities?

We can change this, but we have to change what Congress looks and acts like first. Write down your political platform. Share it with your friends and start organizing yourselves.